ting du ikke visste om meg

Jeg har det bra. Det gr kjempebra for meg n.

Jeg liker ikke se p folk som kysser. Ihvertfall ikke nr det er p film! Flaaaut!

(Gi dere'aa!!, Sluuuutt!)

Jeg elsker en godgutt som heter Gunnar.

Noen ganger fr jeg en tanke inn i hode. Den sier at jeg m vre stille.

Jeg trenger litt kjrlighet nr jeg er p do.

Jeg elsker barnetv.

Jeg har et pent sinn, og et pent hjerte.

Jeg har kle under armen.

Jeg har aldri smakt tyggis fr.

Jeg har det bra hjemme.

Jeg blir nervs nr jeg hrer lyden av regn.

Noen ganger later jeg som om jeg er en prinsesse.

Jeg vkner klokken fem hver dag for strekke meg, s sovner jeg seff igjen, og vkner klokken seks. Kjempefin start p dagen!


just a flowerpower picture i made and liked and i just wanted to show my bestisreaders.

If you cares 4 my blog and lovers, you read the oversrift and let it grow into your mind. LoVeEeEe.<--- tryed something nju!


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Sarahden mest geniale bloggeren noen gang.

Therese Charlotte



look mom, see!

One day when i was totally hatin on my self, i saw this shose. "lokk!" i said to my mom. "wow, ugliest tiingh ever!" she answered, and than Anne baught them. Love.


It was raining todie, and it was cool. like, the rain literally falled down in my fase, and made a funny sound when i jump in the dams. Funny me, being asm in the waterfalled. Look, i'm not even luaghting, ooooh, yes I is! I is laughtnin rilly hard eksually.

Look at the rain, from Ida two you. Pease out.

the greatest wealth


Ukens farge, gul.

This week color is definnitley jellow. Why? Because I said so. Nooo, I yust tried to be mad and angri whit you, butt nice, peasefuly me, couldn't do it. Love. iiihihih.

1. I whore a jellow dress to my fathers birthparty

2. Jellow is the colours of the sun!

3. My cutie pay Karie has jellov hairs.

4. Jellow is ister.

5. The picture with tre 3s was cool.

From a delightful, jallow Ida.

my hair todie are today for.

hello fans. i just haved to telled you that my hair to die, is to day for. it are perfectly laying in a breids and it is so wonderfull cleaning up the dust between the floors. Love.

just a kiss from me 2 you.

yes, i made it.

i maked this todie for you people. hope you likes it! loooove meee <3 :D hahahhihihi now, just kidding. i love you. <3


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Bildene er linket

Teenager Post


I took some pictures so you guys in amerika and england can see how my cultures is. hope you enjoy it wery mush, and i hope to seen my people her in nor way suun. come come come don't be afraid! hhihi. It's actually seventinth mai today, and i love it.

drip drop drip drop said the water when it falled down from the gellander.

- Ida


I found some beautiful pictures on tumblr that i have to show you:

Aaah, cute, they tried!

This is what we juseally use on 17.mai, and this is ours flag in the wind in another country. have a great day norwegianere, and you to englishfriends! Think of Norw ay.

Ida and Ann, we are in love with this day. Bless you people, and bless Nor way.

OK, hva skjeeer med verden?

I came over the mostly crasy picture in the history. it was very crazy, and i had to shov it to my fans. look, see, watxh clothesly. It's clearly cowcraziness and people are going insaine. Like, where are the policce?! Oh, nevermind, they are there, just freaking you guyis out a bit of a sekund there.

Norsk: Siiiik verden! :-O Ida

so relatable

Laugh out load. HAHHAHAHAH.

my hard time of days.

Hei grlsa. Dykk e best. I dag har jeg faktisk ikke hatt lekser (:(:(:(:(:() det suger asshoul. Derfor mtte jeg finne p noe skikkelig fornuftig gjre..men hva? Vanskelig..jeg pleier jo alltid gjre lekser.

Jeg spiste litt lefse for klarne tankene, kanskje jeg kom p noe fornuftig gjre......det gjorde jeg faktisk. Jeg bestemte meg for ta en joggetur. Dette var veldig daily och forfreekende!

Deretter satt jeg barnevakt for noen tusselusser jeg fant ute i hagen. Det var fem av de, og jeg mtte litterly lpe etter de hele tidn. Sykt stress, det var helt ininsein.

Etter det, vaska jeg innkjrselen vr med mopp, herlig. Jeg har n bevisst at man kan gjre masse fornuftig selv om man ikke har lekser. - Ida lille vennen dere som elsker dere mer enn noe p jord dere er best jentene mine blogglesere som ingen kan drmme om sov godt stinger.

Idaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasho :)


Hey. Soo...here some rendumm piktures i took a fju days bakc. Azaaam time with my selves and the kamera. Take me bakc! Hihih. Love. So cool. Like, hihi wooow. It was pretty good. Ok, lets shee the photos.

No judges! hihihihihi. i have fritime now, funny! :D I-D-A <3

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Irene er kjempeflink til ta bilder, annbefaler bloggen hennes veldig!

Jade Celine har veldig kul stil, og tar brae antrekksbilder

Bloggen til Lise er helt fantasktisk, og bildene hun tar eg utrolig fine!

Alle bloggene er linket. Ha en fin sndag videre godtfolk. You guys lie in my hearts.


hei bloggen! vi var i bergen i dag sammen med tante aud-ingeborg og onkel bjrn-fredrik. de kommer fra stavanger, s vi skulle f ren av vise de litt rundt i vakre bergen.

utrolig hvor mye et sted kan forandre en person. onkel mtte ikke p do da han gikk hjemmefra, men var veldig tissesprenk da vi kom hjem igjen.

vi gikk noen runder i parken, mens vi spiste nistepakke med leverpostei. vi pratet om livet og om tante sine grusome fdsler (da hun fdte min fetter, varte det i hele 21 timer)

deretter leste vi litt om fuglene i byparken. vi prvde ogs finne en del av fuglene, noe som ikke var s lett i og med at onkel brkte s flt mens vi letet inne i buskene.

vi brukte desverre mye av tiden til lete etter turistinfo, det tok oss fire timer finne den. vi skulle egentlig bare ta dette bilde av skiltet, fordi det har anna alltid hatt s lyst til.

alt i alt har dette vert en innholdsrik dag, med mye sang og glede. jeg ser n at min fremtidige jobb gjerne kan bli en helt vanlig, ung guid i bergen. jeg har opplevd s mye p en dag, at jeg sitter igjen med bare gode minner. jeg har ikke minst ftt gode tilbakemeldinger fra bde onkel og tante.



Since my englishment is so asm, i thought, "hheeeeey why not take another one inleg on inglish!?" so, why not. i'm english todie two! i got visiting from this fluie todie, it vas exkstremly beutifol and inkredable nice to me. i was like, "GET OUT GANGSTER!" and he was like, "okeeey, sorry then, forgive, like...chill man...mgash!" and then he flied away. never seen him since. cool, ha?

Here is him. He was greai with me thoug, hahha. OMG loooove. Soooo funny, im dying inside. LOL! Ida

en av de bedre dagene

I dag har livet vrt, tja, hva skal man si......FABELAKTIG?!


Fem grunner til min fantastiske dag.

1. Mormor og morfar prver prverrsbefrukning!

2. Dersom dette funker, skal det ikke tas i bruk fostervannsprve.

3. Mormor inviterte meg med til en slektning for rydde/vakse/omblere huset hennes.

4. Vi besker graven til oldemor denne uken.

5. Fikk kometkameratene p film av Annapus.

Ahhh, what a life, what a life. Gotta love it! I to the D to the AAAA IDAAA!

Teenager Post

just a peaice of me

Some pictures who mades ME happy, ME!


am i going to die sun?

I'm gonna write this innlegg in Inglish because of my englandfriends, and fans. I am wery sorry and expesielly over my fans. My friends have known about it a litlle more longer, butt not my deer fans. You mean the world to me. For a month back or so, I could help my selves. I took a sigarett in my mouth. Actually, someone else took it in my lips. I don't know who yet, but when I find the monster, I will anmeld him to the polise. This is not a nice ting to do at all, and he is not my friend annimore. Ofc he can het forgivness, ofc. I'm with Jesus, u know?

Am I dieing of this schitt? i'm not reddy to day, becaus i have an mathtenteimen tomorruw, and some test i have to take before i die, i also wanted to go to island to see the watherfalls there. Love. I know killing is not the right ansir, do you know what to do? send me a comment, of comment the inlagg down. Kisses! <3

A scared and angri Ida.


Tenkte ta opp et aldeles viktig tema, nemlig.....KROPPSDELER. Siden jeg har skrevet s masse engelsk for tiden (tentameeen), kan det vre jeg hopper over noen ganger, just as you now its! S, hva er din favoritt kroppsdel? Min er desidert bekkenet.

Ask me why, and I will shoot you! Ida

tre blogger jeg flger p bloglovin

Helenetar veldig brae bilder!


ogHenriette Lien

Teenager Post

Oooh, gotta be sooooo awkward you know, like when you swim in tha ocean and just, mmmmmm better not think about it! :P

heia bloggen

Veldig lenge siden sist n as. Ville bare fortelle at vi har det bra, eller vertfall helt ok, og vi liker forsatt det samme som vi gjorde fr. Vi har ikke forandret oss s masse, og livet er forsatt det samme.God lrdag!

Ida og Anna! .


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